Electronic dance music also widely known as EDM , dance music, simply dance or club dance. EDM is usually used by the DJ to experiment with the remixes and create the fusions. The EDM is known for the ambiences they create all over the nightclubs , festivals and rave parties. EDM are well known for providing its listeners a mesmerised experience that they have come to listen at the show. The refreshing music makesyou stress free and gives you an experience that is worth repeating. The audiences who have visited to the parties composing the EDM becomes the fan and loves to enchant the music going through their ears.


The well known term electronic dance music was devised by the U.S. music industry. The EDM does not prefer to restrict themselves to a specific genre rather they prefer to serve as an umbrella for the commercial genres where there is a choice for everyone. The EDM has catered to the audiences of all the age groups and are not restricted to any country The popular genre of EDM are trance, drum and bass, trp , jerseyclub, hardstyle and their subgenres. Today EDM has become one of the biggest genre of the world. It has made its space into the world in the POPmusic. Television music channels and Radios has already shown its acceptance and has publicised the music much more than they have even thought off. Today EDM is a brand and people recognise them and start moving once they hear about their music. As the people especially the youngsters are partyalcoholic so EDM is very popular in their genres and will continue to experiment with tunes and remixes to serve their audiences the mesmerising music which will be remembered through generations.