Many people out there- women especially- are looking for a way to lose a few pounds and get themselves healthy. Unfortunately, that can be difficult for many people because often, the bikini body guide may seem a bit difficult to follow. However, here are 7 things you can do to help you reach that perfect body sooner!

  • Leave pots on the stove- research has proven that when you prepare your plate at the stove before sitting down for dinner, you are less likely to reach for seconds (or more).
  • Drink a glass of water before eating- water is great for your body all the way around. After all, we are mostly made of water. If you will take the time to drink two glasses of water before eating, you will end up eating 90 fewer calories- and lose around 1/2 pound per week.
  • Switch to whole grains- these make you feel fuller for longer periods of time, keep your blood sugar stable, and curb those nasty cravings.
  • Keep a food diary- when you write down what you’re eating, you’re less likely to eat things you shouldn’t. There are plenty of online trackers that you can use to make it that much easier for you.
  • Walk instead of using the elevator- if you have to climb many flights of stairs to reach your office, this may be a bit much. However, if there’s only a few flights, choose to walk at least half the time, if not more.
  • Use a small plate for better portion control. When you are looking at a full plate, you convince your brain that you’ve eaten more than you really have.
  • Make an appointment to work out- too often, we plan to work out, but we never seem to make it because life gets in the way. However, if you block out time for it, there’s no excuse.

If you’re trying to get that perfect bikini body, consider working at least a few of these tips into your life. After all, weight loss doesn’t have to take tons of time and energy- a few very simple lifestyle changes can help you melt those pounds off quickly.